22 July, 2015

{{Product Review}} EcoStatic Office Supplies

I recently found a new place to sign up to do product reviews for, & was sent my very first product(s) to review from them! I am super excited about the EcoStatic Slick Board beginners kit that I was recently sent. I've never heard of them before...but the large white board will come in handy this school year(We homeschool). 

I was wanting to purchase a white board so I could write the days school assignments for my two older girls(6th grade & Advanced K), but we live in an apartment. We COULD have attached a big clunky white board, but after living in base housing and having to fill in every.little.push pin hole...there was no way I'm doing that in an apartment. 

These White boards are perfect for those who live in rental houses/apartments or if you just don't want to put nails/screws into your walls. They are glue free, so they won't damage the paint on the walls. 

*Product Details*Slickyboard can be used for whiteboarding, as a flipchart, Easel Pad or bulletin board. Sheets adhere with No Glue similar to a magnetic whiteboard. Rewritable, reusable, 100% recyclable. Stick to any smooth dry surface like drywalls, windows, wallpaper, wood desk, doors and more. Their stable electrostatic charge lasts for weeks. Used in conjunction with Slickynotes, SlickyWhiteboard is perfect for brainstorming, ideation, collaboration, coaching, planning and presentation. Each set included 10 Slickyboard sheets, one large slickynote pad, and one slickynote pad.

The slicky board,  & slicky notes stick to surfaces using static. I wasn't sure about how these would work, but once I put one of them up...it stayed and hasn't fallen off yet(it's been up about 5 days so far). 

I put one up above my desk space that way my girls can come into the living room and look at what they are supposed to do for the day and then can just grab the book(s) and go to the dining room table. No more wasting paper, or telling them over and over again what they need to do for the day. Once that task/subject is completed...we can just wipe it off and it's ready for use the next day!

{My desk area where blogging is done. Doesn't the white board look nice there?!)

I never really use sticky notes, but my husband does at work. They, like the white board don't use glue and stick to just about any surface. 

*Product Details*Our multi colored Slickynotes Medium 8 Pack. save BIG. Save money. have more! Slickynotes Medium are double sided. reusable on one side and 21% bigger than your regular 3x3 sticky notes. Our Slickynote gives you the option to write notes with more space. have a coaching event. corporate training. Agile. Scrum. Lean. Kanban session or just want to release your creativity! Slickynotes can be used with any writing implement on the colored side. FLIP the sheet over and use a dry erase marker and erase it. You double your pad while saving money and have more! One pad has never came this far! You can stick to any smooth. dry surface like drywalls. windows. wallpaper. wood desk. doors and more. Their stable electrostatic charge lasts for weeks. Stick. restick and slide them around. Adhesive free and 100% recyclable. use them indoors for ideation. brainstorming. presentation or simply leaving a lovely note. Slickynotes 8 pack colors include 2 Green. 2 Orange. 2 Yellow and 2 Purple. Each pad of Medium Slickynotes include 100 sheets. 100 x 74mm (3.94 x 2.91in). Turn any surface into a creative space. Set your ideas free!

I absolutely LOVE the items that came in the slicky board beginners kit, and it will definitely be put to good use. You can find out more info on these products and about Shoplet by going to the links provided below. 

EcoStatic Inc. Beginner Kit Glue Free WhiteBoard Sheets and SlickyNote Note Pad 

Don't forget to check out their office supplies, medical supplies, & office furniture

This post is sponserd by shoplet & simsill. I am not paid for this post, but I was given the slicky board beginners kit in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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