04 September, 2015

{{Book Review}} Dessert & Booze Hacks | 75 Amazingly Simple, Tricked-Out Sweets and Drinks

Hacking just got sweeter.

Massive sweets craving and only your cabinets to scavenge? Friends coming by at the last minute to pre-party and you can’t run to the store? Have no fear, hacks are here. Raid your freezer to find the fixings for a no-bake ice cream sandwich cake or combine three ingredients into an epic sangria. The 75 ideas in Dessert and Booze Hacks are just what you need to pull together awesome-tasting treats and tipples that will blow your mind.

*My Review*
I had no idea this book was a board book, but I love that it is! While I will probably never make any of the "booze" hacks, I can't promise that I won't make most(or all) of the dessert hacks. There are so many awesome looking/sounding desserts in this book & I can't wait to try them.

Most hacks only take a few ingredients & some are even no bake! The photos in this book are really nice...and there are A TON of photos! I'm so glad I decided to get this book. I can see how it can become my new favorite. I can't wait to place this with the other cook books in my kitchen! 

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