08 September, 2015

Land O' Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter | Product Review

Salted or Unsalted?

Land O Lakes® European Style Super Premium Butter comes in two varieties: salted and unsalted. Which should you choose? Of course both are made from the same top-quality sweet cream, and both will work in any recipe. Unsalted gives the chef control over the amount of salt in a dish. Salted is all-purpose, ready to spread and enjoy. So when you take your coupon in to claim your free butter, make the choice that best fits your personal cooking style.

*My Review*
One of the many perks of being a BzzAgent is being invited to try new products! I was recently invited by BzzAgent to try Land O' Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter. Naturally I said yes. I received 1 (One) FREE coupon for a half-pound package of Land O Lakes® European Style Super Premium Butter & 6(six) Pass-along recipe booklets containing delectable desserts, enticing entrees and a $1-off coupon — save one for yourself and share the rest with friends!

I chose to use some of this butter on the baked chicken & green beans that I made for supper a few nights ago. I've also included my recipe for the chicken that I made. Hope you enjoy & let me know if you try it! I used my non-stick baking sheet and baked for the first 20 mins of baking, and then removed it, poured out some of the butter and then cooked for another 20-25 mins. 

I also used frozen chicken. If you use thawed chicken, you may need less baking time. Make sure you cook until chicken reaches the internal temp on the package. For the chicken I used it was 170c.

For the green beans I used french cut(it's what we had in the pantry at the time), REAL bacon bits, half of the remaining 1/2 stick of Land O' Lakes European Style Butter, & Molasses Bacon Seasoning(I didn't measure, but i didn't add too much). I cooked that down in an iron skillet for 5-8 mins. 

My girls and husband absolutely loved this chicken(& the green beans). I won't say it's a healthy meal, but every once in awhile you should allow yourself a "cheat" meal...and this is ours! I loved the way this chicken turned out, thanks to Land O' Lakes European Style Salted Butter. The chicken turned out so moist & juicy. This meal isn't complete unless you have some of my husband's homemade BBQ sauce(pictured in the Blue cup)

I'm not sure I would pay $3+ for only 2 sticks of butter all the time, but I would if I only needed it for certain recipes. All in all I loved this butter, and can't wait to try some of the recipes that came in my bzzkit! 

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