16 October, 2015

{{Book Review)) The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book

Korean artist Daria Song’s sequel to The Time Garden takes readers on a visual journey into a magical nighttime world seen through the eyes of a fairy.

This second book in best-selling Korean artist Daria Song’s coloring series features the voyage of a fairy who, when the cuckoo clock chimes midnight, enters the human world. To the tiny fairy, everything seems enormous and magical, from the curtains to the chandelier to a mystical rowboat that takes her further into an inky adventure. Filled with the imaginative, intricately detailed illustrations Song’s readers have come to love, The Time Chamber presents a view of our world made new—and ready for coloring.

*My Review*
I absolutely LOVE coloring!!! Yes, I admit it...I am thirty-one years old and I love coloring. I have coloring books of my own that I do not allow my children to color in. Now, I can add another coloring book to my collection! The time Chamber is awesome. I love the detail that was put into making this coloring book. I recently bought myself some markers(again, that my children aren't allowed to touch)...and this book will be the first to be used by these markers. 

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