11 November, 2015

{{Product Review}} | Wendell August(www.wendellaugust.com)

A few weeks ago I posted about WendellAugust.com and all of their amazing heirloom products. I was given $75 in store credit, and now I get to show you all of the pretties that I ordered from there. I ordered 9 items in total,6 are gifts, the other 3 are for us to keep for our tree.

Anyway, here they are. I ordered;
 2 Miltiary Veteran ornaments, 
2 stands(to go along with the military ornaments),
3 New Orleans Saints Ornaments

 1 Meaning Of Christmas Candy Cane ornament, 

1 "For God So Loved" Ornament,  

My pictures do not do these ornaments justice. They are absolutely gorgeous! Wendell August is exceptionally well priced, with tons of items $25 or less. They offer items from housewarming, to wedding, to new baby gifts. They have some NFL items, and even a few collagiate things. They have gorgeous jewelry pieces, it's ashame I don't wear jewlery other than my wedding ring. 

Best of all...everything from Wendell August is AMERICAN made! 

"For God So Loved The World"
This was the first ornament I fell in love with on the site. Without God giving us His Son Jesus Christ, we would not be here, there would be no Christmas. I thought this was fitting for us to have for our tree. 

"Meaning Of A Candy Cane"
What a perfect way to teach our girls the real meaning of a candy cane. This ornament is lovely. The perfect size to hang on our tree. On the front you see candy canes and on the back it tells what the candy cane stands for. 

"New Orleans Saints"
I ordered 3 of these
"New Orleans Saints" ornaments, one for my sister, one for my papa, and one for us to keep for our tree. I love this ornament. I do wish they had more NFL & college teams, but I am so excited that they actually had the Saints! 

"Veteran" Ornament

I saved my favorite one for last! I got two of these, they will be gifts for my husband & my BIL who are both retired Military. We were going to wait until Christmas to give my husband his, but since it arrived (Veteran's day, our girls and I decided to give it to him then. We will be shipping my BIL's soon so he can have it.)

 If you are looking for ornaments, decor our gifts...Wendell August is the Place to shop! Once we are settled into our new House we will be purchasing more from them. Shop American made, Shop Wendell August! Wendell August will be my new go to for ornaments and gifts from now on! I encourage you, my readers to take a look at their site for yourselves. You can save 25% on all orders throughout November, so hurry...don't delay..Shop Wendell August today! 

Save 25% on your order through the month of November with code 25NOVB. http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=12255&dealid=2101 

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I received the above items free from Wendell August using my $75 credit in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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