14 November, 2015

The Day the Stormtroopers Invaded | {{Location Review}} Lego Brick Universe Convention in Irving, Texas

The day started like any other "normal" saturday. Alarm went off, I woke up & tried to wake my husband. He mumbled something and rolled over and went back to sleep. *grrr* I let him sleep for another 10 mins and tried waking him again. "wake up!", I said..."whhhhhhy???" he moaned..."Brick Universe is at the convention center!! LET'S GO!"...So he slowly got out of bed and got ready, while I fed the girls a quick breakfast and got them dressed. Once we were dressed and loaded in the car...we headed to Las Colinas not knowing what to fully expect.

(Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas)

Once we were inside we saw the sign telling us where the legos were! My two younger girls have been excited for this all week(and secretly so have I)!

....and then we saw them...the Stormtroopers....
(My 5 yr old)

...They were everywhere...
(the family + Stormtroopers)

and of course no invasion is complete without #selfies!

Now that the silliness is out of the way, Here is my actual review! After we showed them our tickets(on my phone), we walked in and instantly saw this tiger.

Then we saw the rest of all of the amazing things there. So many talented people. I was evena able to get a few pictures of the builders with their legos.

(Helicarrier piece.)

(This Pearl Harbor piece. This might just be my favorite one there.)

There were several tables set up where you could purchase sets, pieces etc, as well as a few "building stations" so you could play with the legos and make your own creations. I took a ton of photos, way too many to add here on the blog, but I'll put them up on my facebook page in case anyone wants to check them out. 

We'll be attending again next year and this time we'll make sure we buy some cool stuff! 

I received free tickets from U.S. Family Guide in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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