04 December, 2015

{{Book review}} Cute Emergency | Puppies in sunglasses. Sleeping kittens. A hedgehog in a teacup.

If the thought of animals in adorable situations makes you feel just a little bit happier, then Cute Emergency is the book for you.  Based on the popular Twitter feed, it is the antidote to all of life's little annoyances. Not even the coldest curmudgeon could stay frazzled when faced with the heart-melting animals and witty captions contained in these pages.  So fulfill your recommended daily allowance of cuteness and let furry creatures come to your rescue!

*My Review*
Are you having a rough day and are in need of a smile? This book will do just that! I almost didn't order it, but I'm so glad I did! This book is absolutely ADORABLE!

In the front of the book you will see the "Table of Contents". The "chapters" are rated by "Cute Emergency Level";
0-2 Low
2-4 Moderate
4-6 High
6-8 Severe
9+ Extreme

All of the photos in this book are adorable, and are sure to put a smile on your face! This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone in need of a smile! 

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