23 February, 2016

{{Event Review}} The Monster X Tour @ City Bank Coliseum in Lubbock, Tx.

Oh, where do I begin!? I had a confirmation email from the lovely Christine at U.S. Family guide earlier last week saying that not only was I getting 4 free tickets, but I was also getting FREE pit party passes so we could meet & hang out with the drivers and their trucks. After hearing that I was even more excited than I was before.

We had to drive over 5 hrs from Dallas to Lubbock to the see these trucks, so I was praying this show would be everything that I had dreamed it would be(I've been wanting to see monster trucks since I was 6!). The doors opened at 6 for the pit party...we arrived around 6:15pm. I stood in the line for "will call" and when it was my turn, I told them my name and handed them my ID and said that I had 4 tickets + the pit passes waiting for me. The man that was working the window looked for my name and didn't see them. He said I didn't have any tickets or pit passes waiting for me and they were sold out of pit passes....wait...WHAT!?!?! I showed him the email from Christine saying that it was confirmed. He told me to get ahold of her if I could and see what she said. So, I walked over to where my family was standing and I called her. I told Christine that they were saying I had no tickets or passes...to which she said "that's a BIG problem"(majorly). She said she was going to make a call and get back to me.

While I waited for her to call my back, I went BACK to "will call" and this time I spoke with a lady(who BTW was very rude). I explained what was going on, and her response was "that not my problem & it means nothing to me, your name is not on here, we do not have tickets or pit passes for you", my next response(without getting rude back) was "yes, ma'am...It IS your problem, because these tickets were confirmed well before today, and I'm here to do a REVIEW of your location and the event...so be aware that your attitude and the way you are handling this will reflect poorly on you in my review"...and what do you know....4 tickets + 4 pit passes magically appeared! The City Bank Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas needs to work on their marketing skills & brief whoever is working the ticket booth or will call, because I was highly upset that we drove over 5 hrs and had that happen.

Now that I've ranted about that...lets get to the real reason we went...THE MONSTER TRUCKS!!! OMGoodness...it was BEYOND amazing(and loud lol). I made sure to get pictures of my girls with some of the drivers. My youngest was a bit shy, so she doesn't look happy in these pictures. lol

My 12 yr old LOVED Girl Power, & the driver Shannon, mostly because she is a Harry Potter fan just like my daughter. lol my 6 yr old liked Girl Power as well, but she loved it whenever the trucks would crush the cars...she would laugh so hard. I think I had the most fun watching my girls enjoy the show. My youngest, however, didn't really care for any of it. It was really loud for her little ears. She did like seeing the trucks crush stuff, but we ended up leaving about 20-25 mins early because she was getting restless.

All of the drivers and the motocross guys were so sweet. I have loved motorcross since I was little...so this was another favorite part of mine. Even though some of their tricks made me nervous, they were wonderful. I would say that all in all this was a wonderful event and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

Now, on to the pictures(You can click on the pictures to make them bigger)!!!


(Girl Power)

My three girls with the drivers of Ghost Ryder, Girl Power, & Skeletor, & my older two with the motocross guys.

(Rock Star)

I received for FREE tickets & pit party passes from U.S. Family Guide in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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