23 July, 2016

{{Prouduct Review}} Return Address Labels | + 25% off Code inside!

Since we homeschool, we don't have a need to name labels for our children's items. So, this time, when I was given a free credit for Labeldaddy.com I decided that since I had gotten labels for myself, my oldest, return address labels with our family name on them, & labels for my husband; I would get my Papa some return address labels. I had called him before ordering them and asked if he could use them & then asked him what design/character he wanted on them. He said to let my two younger girls pick(since my oldest isn't home from her summer "vacation" yet), 

My middle daughter(6) said she wanted him to have mickey mouse....so I looked through all of the mickey mouse options & found the one with a football(my papa loves football), so I decided that we would go with those. He has no idea what they look like, but I know he will like them. I'll be shipping them off to him soon, I just needed to post pictures here before I mailed them. 

I absolutely LOVE Labeldaddy.com & have never had an issue with ordering anything from them. Their site is super easy to navigate and there are several different packages to choose from. These labels are $19.95 for a pack of 100. I chose to get these laminated for $4.95 more, I always choose this option because it is well worth the small extra fee. They are 1 9/16 x 7/8 in size.

Here is a picture of one of the labels. I didn't see the point in posting all 100 labels. they all look the same and all have the same thing on them. I blacked out his last name and address...for obvious reasons...but you can see mickey mouse going to catch the football. 

I've had several people online and in person ask me if I REALLY get items for free...and my answer is always "YES, I do", but this time...I've decided to add a picture of the packing slip to the post just so my readers can see that, yes, I really did get these for free...just like 99% of the other things that I post about. 

Again, I've blocked out any personal info for obvious reasons, but here it is...here is the packing slip that came with the labels. 

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This is a sponsored post for LabelDaddy and U.S. Family guide. I am not paid for this post, but I did  receive a $30 code in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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