30 August, 2016

{{Product Review}} How This Homeschooling Mom of Three Stays Organized With Shoplet.... #ShopletReviews

I recently received more new products to review from Shoplet. This time, I am super excited about teaming up with Shoplet & Smead, because as a homeschooling mom of three I need to be as organized as you can be. There are tests & assignments to be sent to the school, records of all schoolwork done for each day...and the list goes on.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you will have seen my other reviews for Shoplet. They are the number one(1) e-tailer of business and office supplies. You can find an assortment of office suppliescleaning suppliesoffice furnituremedical suppliesoffice furniture and everything in between.

This time, I was sent 3-in-1 SuperTab Sections Folders & Organized Up Vertical Expanding Files. I've reviewed the 3-in-one SuperTab Sections Folders before and I absolutely love them. I was sent a pack of 12 folders, three of each color(Red, Blue, Yellow & Green). These folders will come in handy. I have labeled them; Legal, Important Emails, Misc Papers, & Vet Records(one for the cat & one for our new pet we are getting soon).

The Organized Up Vertical Expanding File will be used to keep all of the school work organized for the school year. I love that it's big enough to keep my12 yr olds schoolwork that needs to be sent into our school neat and in one place. 

Megan Massacre, one of the most popular tattoo artists and reality TV stars with starring roles in TLC's NY Ink and America's Worst Tattoos, brings her wildly popular art style to a coloring book.

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre invites adult coloring book fans into her whimsical world of sugar skulls, sailing ships, mermaids, owls, and more. Now you can add your own bold, vibrant colors to her signature edgy and artistic tattoo designs--and tear each perforated page out for display!

*My Review*
I absolutely LOVE this book. It is so very detailed...and I admit, I think this might just be my new favorite coloring books out of all that I currently own. The paper is very high quality, and I really like that the artwork is only on the front of the page, that way you can use markers if you wish and it won't bleed through. 

This is a great book for adults, but as well as older children(I'd say about 12 yrs and up). 

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

22 August, 2016

{{Book Review}} The Things We Knew | A tragedy from the past resurfaces in this tale of family secrets and reignited love.

After her mother's death twelve years ago, Lynette Carlisle watched her close-knit family unravel. One by one, her four older siblings left their Nantucket home and never returned. All seem to harbor animosity toward their father, silently blaming him for their mother's death. Nobody will talk about that dreadful day, and Lynette can't remember a bit of it.

But when next-door neighbor Nicholas Cooper returns to Nantucket, he brings the past with him. Once her brother's best friend and Lynette's first crush, Nick seems to hide things from her. Lynette wonders what he knows about the day her mother died and hopes he might help her remember the things she can't.

But Nick has no intention of telling Lynette the truth. Besides the damage it might cause his own family, he doesn't want to risk harming the fragile friendship between him and the woman he once thought of as a kid sister.

As their father's failing health and financial concerns bring the Carlisle siblings home, secrets begin to surface---secrets that will either restore their shattered relationships or separate the siblings forever. But pulling up anchor on the past propels them into the perfect storm, powerful enough to make them question all they ever believed in.

*My Review*
I first want to say that 'The Things We Knew' has some questionable subjects such as; drug addiction, infidelity, physical abuse. With that being said I will also say that all of these topics are  which are so beautifully written into this story. It is filled with just about every type of genre(Mystery, romance, humor etc). "The Things We Knew" is a heartwarming story of hope, & forgiveness. The characters are so relatable that I was hooked from the very first page.

Purchase a copy: http://bit.ly/29vkFGh
About the author:

Catherine West writes stories of hope and healing from her island home in Bermuda. When she's not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border collie for long walks on the beach or tending to her roses and orchids. She and her husband have two grown children.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

{{Give Away}} Carrie Stuart Parks’ Undercover Artist Starter Set

Plunge into forensic artist Gwen Marcey's world, full of cold-case murders, shady politics, and a den of venomous suspects. Add Carrie Stuart Parks' new Gwen Marcey novel, When Death Draws Near, to the top of your must-read list. Gwen accepts temporary work in Pikeville, Kentucky—a small town facing big-city crime. But before she can finish her first drawing of the serial rapist who is on the loose, the latest witness vanishes. Just like all the others. Can Gwen uncover the truth—and convince anyone to believe her—before she becomes a victim herself?

Join Carrie in celebrating the release of When Death Draws Near by entering to win an Undercover Artist Starter Set.

when death draws near - 400 

One grand prize winner will receive:
when death draws near - collage 

Enter today by clicking the icon below, but hurry! The giveaway ends on August 22. The winner will be announced August 23 on the Litfuse blog.

when death draws near - enterbanner

{{Book Review}} When Death Draws Near | Gwen Marcey takes death in stride. Until she's faced with her own mortality.

Forensic artist Gwen Marcey is between jobs when she accepts temporary work in Pikeville, Kentucky---a small town facing big-city crime. But before Gwen can finish her first drawing of the serial rapist who is on the loose, the latest witness vanishes. Just like all the others.

Gwen suspects a connection between the rapist and the "accidental" deaths that are happening around town, but the local sheriff has little interest in her theories. When her digitally-obsessed teenage daughter joins her there, Gwen turns her attention to a second assignment: going undercover in a serpent-handling church. She could get a handsome reward for uncovering illegal activity there---a reward she desperately needs, as it seems her breast cancer has returned. But snakes aren't the only ones ready to kill. Can Gwen uncover the truth---and convince anyone to believe her---before she becomes a victim herself?

*My Review*
This is my first time reading anything by Carrie Stuart. Whenever I read something from a new(to me) author I get nervous, because I'm always worried about if I will enjoy the book or not, how they're writing style is, and will I even get past the first few pages...esp since just about all of the books I post here on my blog are for reviews.

"When Death Draws Near" has all of the action and suspense of a murder mystery. There are so many twists and turns in this book that you will be hooked until the very last page.
I was introduced to books like Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys when I was about 8 or 9 & I have been into mystery/murder mystery books ever since. This is one book I will be keeping around for awhile so I can read it again.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. ALL opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

{{Book Review}} unNatural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids

Do you feel like you’re the only mom who serves store-bought birthday treats, dreads school plays, and misses the days of going to the bathroom by herself?

unNatural Mom gives you permission to say that mothering doesn’t always come naturally to you. Parenting expert and self-proclaimed unnatural mom Hettie Brittz helps you…

  • Recognize how unrealistic our culture’s standards of mothering are
  • Move beyond the myths of “supermom”
  • Complete the Parenting Style Assessment to determine your own parenting style
  • Understand and forgive the mothers who hurt you
  • Embrace your capabilities as well as your challenges
Come find new hope in discovering that every mother has unique gifts. In Christ, the “unnatural” mom becomes the supernatural mom who is just right for her family!

*My Review*

"(un)Natural Mom" by Hettie Brittz is a great book written to help mothers realize that it's okay if they aren't the perfect mom 24/7.  This book focuses on how moms are sometimes judged  for the way they do things or just feel like complete failures when comparing themselves to other moms. This book is perfect for inspiring all mothers(and moms-to-be) to be the best they can be for their child(ren). I absolutely recommend this to ALL moms & mom-to-be.


I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

21 August, 2016

{{Book Review}} Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen: Wholesome Master Recipes for Bone, Vegetable, and Seafood Broths and Meals to Make with Them

Broths and stocks have always had a central place in kitchens around the world owing to their ability to comfort, nourish, and heal. In Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen, Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen and an authority in the traditional foods movement, illustrates why a good broth or stock is the foundation of amazing and wholesome cooking. Included are over a dozen master recipes for base stocks and then 40 recipes using these stocks in complete meals. These accessible recipes are appropriate for vegetarians, pescatarians, and meat eaters alike and showcase the nutrient-dense, real food that nourishes the body and soul. The Whole Chicken Broth is the perfect base for Springtime Risotto with Asparagus, Green Garlic, and Chive Blossoms, while the recipe for Fish Stock will bring new life to a classic dish like New England Clam Chowder. People are catching on to this centuries old appreciation of bone and vegetable based broths, and Jennifer McGruther shows how these can be made quickly and cost-effectively at home.

*My Review*
If you've been reading my blog posts for awhile now, it's no surprise that I LOVE cookbooks. I love collecting cookbooks of all types, and from different cultures. My dream is to open my own restaurant one day, so it's only natural that I love food and cookbooks.

My newest book is "Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen". While I was looking through this book, the first thing I noticed that it was very well thought out with the step-by-step instructions. The pictures are amazing and the recipes sound amazing. I cannot wait to try them out. 

The book is broken into 6 chapters  & they are;

Chapter 1: The brother makers kitchen
Chapter 2: Master broths & stocks
Chapter 3: Poultry
Chapter 4: Meat
Chapter 5: Fish
Chapter 6: Vegetables

I definitely recommend this book for every kitchen. I even have a copy of this book that I will be giving away soon, so stay tuned for the giveaway post!

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

15 August, 2016

Lone Star Family Farm | Stephenville, TX

Lone Star Family Farm is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of attractions that are fun for the whole family! These attractions are also ideal for school groups, church groups, scouting groups, and more!

The Lone Star farm is the perfect destination for day trips from Fort Worth, Dallas, Waco, Brownwood, Granbury,Weatherford, and other Texas locations!

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure. Inside our 6-acre Giant Maize Quest Corn Maze, you will find twisting pathways, questions and answers, and picture rubbings. It's a maze, it's a game, it's educational, and it's FUN!

Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group sharing experiences. The maze is the ultimate experience because you are lost and must work through the challenge together. This will allow you to share the victory together. Be sure to visit us at night for Flashlight Nights - a totally unique experience in the maze!

Enjoy our smaller Mini Maze, hidden within the Giant Corn Maze! At just a half-acre, this maze is great for younger explorers not quite ready for the Giant Corn Maze. Older participants can experience both mazes! Open September 24th - November 19th. Information is found here: http://www.lonestarfamilyfarm.com/corn-maze.php

Attractions also include a Hay Bale Maze, Corn and Sand Pits, Farm Animals, Pumpkin Patch, Hayrides! Take advantage of our decorative, fall-themed backdrops for family and group photos! 

$2 off regular priced admission to Lone Star Family Farm. Limit 6 per coupon. Not available for use with any other promotion. Cannot be used with a group.
http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=12173&dealid=1998 @usfg

This post is sponsored by U.S Family Guide & Lone Star Family farm. I will receive free tickets for myself and my family to visit in exchange for my honest review.

09 August, 2016

What are you waiting for? Start your FREE 7-DAY TRIAL of #LifetimeMovieClub to watch your favorite #Lifetime movies now!!

I LOVE watching Lifetime movies. I usually have to set the DVR to record them because my TV is usually set to Disney Jr.(that's what happens when you have little ones in the house). Now with the Lifetime Movie Club, I can watch movies on my iPhone! You can also watch on your TV(Available on Roku® Players), or on your iOS Devices( iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®), but they will be adding more platforms(such as; Android™ devices, web  ) in the future. 

Here are just a few benefits of being a member of the Lifetime Movie Club;

- Watch Lifetime movies anytime

- Movies are commercial free

- A new movie is added every day

- Free 7-day trial

-$3.99/Mo or $39.99/yr(you save 15%!)

I REALLY could have used this free trial during our long and boring trip to FL this past weekend. 56 hrs...that's how long we were in the car/on the road. The Lifetime Movie Club could have entertained me(not that listening to my husband and kids be silly wasn't fun).

Click here to start your free 7-day trial today! 

*Disclaimer* This post is sponsored by U.S. Family Guide & Lifetime Movies. I am not paid for this post, but I will receive a FREE Lifetime Movie Blanket in exchange for my honest review. 

Save 15% Off Photo Books From Adoramapix! Code Inside!

I absolutely LOVE AdoramaPix. I have used them several times in the past and they have not disappointed me yet(not that I think they will ever). I can't wait to get another new photo book from them! 

Your memories deserve more than a lifeless screen! Breathe life into your photos and turn them into beautiful keepsake photo books that will last for generations. Adoramapix's custom books are high quality and display your images in rich detail. Choose from gorgeous linen, hardcover and leather cover, as well as 6 stunning paper, finishes. Stop swiping and start printing your family memories with AdoramaPix photo books!

Shop Now: � http://www.adoramapix.com/app/customize-book/

My readers can save 15% off photo books. Use code: PhotoBook15. Sale ends 11/05/2016 11:59 PM EST

This post is sponsored by U.S. Family Guide and AdoramaPix. I am not paid for this post, but I will receive a free photo book from them in exchange for my honest review. 

08 August, 2016

{{Product Review}} Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars | Thanks to Folgers & Shoplet #ShopletReviews

Shoplet carries an assortment of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between. Today, I'm going to be reviewing Jif Peanut Butter Granola bars.

*Product Details*
Finally, your favorite delicious creamy Jim peanut butter comes together
with a chewy granola for an irresistible snack bar. Peanut butter-packed bar is a good 
source of protein. Satisfy sweet & salty cravings at the same time with a yummy
peanut butter granola bar! Easy to eat on the go bars are a great fit for pockets, purses, & Backpacks.

Food Type: Granola bar
Flavor: Creamy Peanut Butter
Capacity Weight: 1.4oz
Packing type: Bar

*My Review
I'm not a huge fan of Peanut Butter, but will occasionally crave it(NO, I'm NOT pregnant). I really like that the peanut butter flavor wasn't overpowering, there was just enough. If there would have been any more I don't think I would have liked them. 

The Granola bars are chewier than an actual granola bar, but I think that's one thing that I love the most about it. I think that if you're crazy about peanut butter this might not be a huge hit, but it does satisfy a small craving.  We were sent a case(4 boxes with 15 bars each). I have been watching what I eat and 1 bar makes a good snack that actually fills me up a quite a bit of time. I will usually have one between breakfast and lunch with 16 ozs of water.

These bars make great snacks for the kiddos. My girls will get one or two a day(not at the same time...obviously) as a snack with water. They LOVE them. They would also make great snack options to send to school with your children(if you are allowed to do that). We homeschool, so we don't really have to worry about sending lunch or anything. They are also great for road trips! We took a box with us to Fl and they were LIFE SAVERS. Whenever our girls wanted a snack(usually junk food), we would give them a bar and some water and they were good for quite a while. 

Below you will find the nutrition facts about this product.

This post is sponsored by Shoplet & Folgers. I am NOT paid for this post, but I did receive a case of the above product free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

03 August, 2016

My Weight Loss Journey | How I've lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks!

Not saying this is the perfect plan...but it is working for me. Before you start any sort of diet/lifestyle change, it is best to talk to your primary care Dr.

First I want to say that I am NOT dieting. Diets fade....I have done a complete lifestyle change!

I'm not really sure where to start, so I'll start from this summer. I have been wanting to lose some weight for awhile now, but never really had the actual "WANT" to get up and do anything about it. I would just say that I wanted to lose weight and do nothing about it. I didn't like being out of the house, even if my husband was with me. I would do some cardio at home, but it wasn't doing any help....so obviously I wasn't doing it right!

I had talked to my Dr in May about diet pills...ugh...the thought of diet pills scare me, but I thought they would help. He was hesitant but agreed to prescribe some for me, which I never filled. He asked if I drank soda...to which I answered "yes". He told me to stop drinking soda for 3 months....wait what!? 3....whole months!? no way! there was no way I could do it...but I tried, and I failed...that was until 12, July. On 8, July I downloaded the highly raved about "Pokemon Go", now before you go and say horrible things about the APP, just keep reading! I've never really been into the whole "Pokemon" thing, but my husband is...so I figured if he was going to be playing it, I would at least check it out...I didn't think I would love it as much as I do.

This APP has taken someone who never wanted to leave her home to walking 1-2 miles each night! I've also started wearing my Fitbit Charge HR. I got on our bathroom scale on 12, July to log my weight in FitBit & put in my first small goal(which was 10 lbs), that was reached within 4 days(not kidding)! Last night I got back on our scale and it showed that I hit my 2nd 10 lb weight goal. We even went to our 24 hr fitness center & I walked on the treadmill for 15 mins(after we walked to and then from the fitness center).

Along with walking the 1-2 miles between using my FitBit & the Pokemon Go APP, I also make sure to drink tons of water, log EVERYTHING I eat, make sure to eat smaller portions and have healthy snacks throughout the day. I do still have my "Cheat meal" about once every two weeks...which is usually still healthy, & I've stopped drinking soda...well, I've cut back. I still drink maybe 1 a week, but usually only drink about an ounce per day, that way I still get my caffeine but not all the sugar/calories.

Sample Daily Meal:

1/2 banana - 52 Calories
30 oz water
1 piece of honey wheat toast(dry) - 70 Calories
1 large scrambled egg(with a little seasoning) - 101 calories

1st Snack of the day:
5 blackberries(raw) - 10 calories
15 Green Grapes - 50 calories
30 ozs water

2 pieces of honey wheat bread -140 calories
1 tsp Reduced fat peanut butter - 28 calories
30 ozs water

2nd snack of the day:
2 ozs baby carrots(raw) -19 calories
2 Tbsp Smoky & Creamy Ranch Dressing w/ bacon - 110 Calories

196 grams baked chicken - 180 Calories
1/4 cup of whole grain rice - 160 calories
3ozs raw veggies w/ Smoky & Creamy ranch dressing w/ bacon -110
30 ozs water

3rd and final snack of the day(about 3 hrs before bed):
13 ozs water
1/2 of a cucumber -23 calories
Smoky & Creamy Ranch dressing w/ bacon - 110 calories

Total Calorie intake:

Total calories burned throughout the day:

I have cut my water back to 155.5 ozs a day, sometimes more.

My "Cheat meals" are usually one of 2 things & those are;

Red Robin:
1/2 Whiskey River BBQ Chicken wrap -410 Calories
1 serving of red Robins Coleslaw(which is soooooo amazing!) -80 calories


T.G.I Friday's
Bourbon Barrel Chicken(3 oz) -405 calories
1 serving fresh broccoli, steamed - 50 calories
1 serving Jasmin Rice Pilaf - 420 Calories

01 August, 2016

{{Book Review}} Ice Cream Social: 100 Artisanal Recipes for Ice Cream, Sherbet, Granita, and Other Frozen Favorites

“The next time you’re even thinking of going out for an ice cream cone, grab this book instead and take it into the kitchen because the best ice cream recipes imaginable are between these covers.” —JOANNE WEIR, James Beard Award-winning author
Delightfully Simple Recipes To Sweeten Any Occasion
Chez Panisse veterans Anthony Tassinello and Mary Jo Thoresen show you how easy it is to recreate the flavors and comfort of your local ice cream shop at home in this irresistible celebration of all things sweet and frozen.
Focusing on simple yet creative flavor combinations, Ice Cream Social walks you step-by-step through basic techniques to make your own ice cream, sherbet, granita, frozen yogurt, and other delightful treats—from the classic and nostalgic to the surprising and festive.
Start planning your next ice cream social with:
  • 100 recipes that showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients (such as London Fog Ice Cream, Creamy Lime Sherbet, Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream and more)
  • Troubleshooting tips and a straightforward techniques primer that will ensure delicious results every time
  • Festive ideas and indulgent desserts for all types of gatherings, from kid-friendly events to adults’ only fetes.
  • Sauces and toppings galore to elevate any ice cream gathering from ordinary to unforgettable
Whether you’re new to ice cream making or looking for new takes on traditional favorites, Ice Cream Social covers all you need for making luscious desserts that everyone will love.

*My Review*
Ice Cream Social is an awesome book. Everything is broken down into chapters, from the ingredients & equipment to the different flavors/types of ice cream. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to try more of the recipes in this book

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

{{Book Review}] 365 Inspirational Quotes: A Year of Daily Wisdom from Great Thinkers, Books, Humorists, and More

Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands―and then eat just one of the pieces. ~ Judith Viorst, Author
Featuring a foreword by motivational speaker Mike Robbins, Inspirational Quotes offers daily doses of wit and wisdom, from beloved authors and musicians to notable philosophers and politicians. Prepare for a diverse collection of inspirational quotes that will infuse your day with appreciation and encouragement.
There’s no right or wrong way to read 365 Inspirational Quotes. Dive in from day one read it backwards or pick a page at random. Whatever your method, you’ll receive the same nuggets of inspiration covering a wide-range of themes: from embracing creativity to sustaining spirituality to falling in love―plus inspirational quotes tailored to the major U.S. holidays, and even some of the little ones (like April Fool's Day).
Perfectly sized for a nightstand staple or an on-the-go guide, 365 Inspirational Quotes makes the ideal companion as you start or end your day―or whenever you need an uplifting pick-me-up.
You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. ~ Jack London, Author

*My Review*
This is a great inspirational book of quotes. What I like most about this books is that it is color coded with the months of the year, the month and date are on top of each page.  Some of the quotes really make you think and some will make you giggle. It's a cute book to have on your coffee table.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

{{Book Review}} Pop Manga Coloring Book | A Surreal Journey Through a Cute, Curious, Bizarre, and Beautiful World

Manga artist and Pop Surrealism superstar Camilla d’Errico presents her first ever adult coloring book, filled with portraits, patterns, and the stunning artwork her fans and collectors have come to love.

This one-of-a-kind book offers you the opportunity to collaborate with d’Errico, adding your colors to her gorgeous black and white linework. Featuring everything from haunting and surreal character portraits to pages filled with patterns and designs all rendered in d’Errico’s inimitable style, Pop Manga Coloring Book is guaranteed to provide hours of coloring fun and excitement.

*My Review*
I'm pretty sure that these adult coloring books have become the newest thing for me to collect. lol, I got this book for my 12-year-old daughter. She LOVES drawing manga, so I thought this book would be perfect for her. 

The day that it arrived I flipped through it and almost wanted to keep it for myself. The photos in this book are adorable(so a bit weird). This will be a great "welcome home" present for her. 

If you or anyone you know is into coloring or manga then you will want to check this book out! It would make a great gift! 

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I am NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.