03 August, 2016

My Weight Loss Journey | How I've lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks!

Not saying this is the perfect plan...but it is working for me. Before you start any sort of diet/lifestyle change, it is best to talk to your primary care Dr.

First I want to say that I am NOT dieting. Diets fade....I have done a complete lifestyle change!

I'm not really sure where to start, so I'll start from this summer. I have been wanting to lose some weight for awhile now, but never really had the actual "WANT" to get up and do anything about it. I would just say that I wanted to lose weight and do nothing about it. I didn't like being out of the house, even if my husband was with me. I would do some cardio at home, but it wasn't doing any help....so obviously I wasn't doing it right!

I had talked to my Dr in May about diet pills...ugh...the thought of diet pills scare me, but I thought they would help. He was hesitant but agreed to prescribe some for me, which I never filled. He asked if I drank soda...to which I answered "yes". He told me to stop drinking soda for 3 months....wait what!? 3....whole months!? no way! there was no way I could do it...but I tried, and I failed...that was until 12, July. On 8, July I downloaded the highly raved about "Pokemon Go", now before you go and say horrible things about the APP, just keep reading! I've never really been into the whole "Pokemon" thing, but my husband is...so I figured if he was going to be playing it, I would at least check it out...I didn't think I would love it as much as I do.

This APP has taken someone who never wanted to leave her home to walking 1-2 miles each night! I've also started wearing my Fitbit Charge HR. I got on our bathroom scale on 12, July to log my weight in FitBit & put in my first small goal(which was 10 lbs), that was reached within 4 days(not kidding)! Last night I got back on our scale and it showed that I hit my 2nd 10 lb weight goal. We even went to our 24 hr fitness center & I walked on the treadmill for 15 mins(after we walked to and then from the fitness center).

Along with walking the 1-2 miles between using my FitBit & the Pokemon Go APP, I also make sure to drink tons of water, log EVERYTHING I eat, make sure to eat smaller portions and have healthy snacks throughout the day. I do still have my "Cheat meal" about once every two weeks...which is usually still healthy, & I've stopped drinking soda...well, I've cut back. I still drink maybe 1 a week, but usually only drink about an ounce per day, that way I still get my caffeine but not all the sugar/calories.

Sample Daily Meal:

1/2 banana - 52 Calories
30 oz water
1 piece of honey wheat toast(dry) - 70 Calories
1 large scrambled egg(with a little seasoning) - 101 calories

1st Snack of the day:
5 blackberries(raw) - 10 calories
15 Green Grapes - 50 calories
30 ozs water

2 pieces of honey wheat bread -140 calories
1 tsp Reduced fat peanut butter - 28 calories
30 ozs water

2nd snack of the day:
2 ozs baby carrots(raw) -19 calories
2 Tbsp Smoky & Creamy Ranch Dressing w/ bacon - 110 Calories

196 grams baked chicken - 180 Calories
1/4 cup of whole grain rice - 160 calories
3ozs raw veggies w/ Smoky & Creamy ranch dressing w/ bacon -110
30 ozs water

3rd and final snack of the day(about 3 hrs before bed):
13 ozs water
1/2 of a cucumber -23 calories
Smoky & Creamy Ranch dressing w/ bacon - 110 calories

Total Calorie intake:

Total calories burned throughout the day:

I have cut my water back to 155.5 ozs a day, sometimes more.

My "Cheat meals" are usually one of 2 things & those are;

Red Robin:
1/2 Whiskey River BBQ Chicken wrap -410 Calories
1 serving of red Robins Coleslaw(which is soooooo amazing!) -80 calories


T.G.I Friday's
Bourbon Barrel Chicken(3 oz) -405 calories
1 serving fresh broccoli, steamed - 50 calories
1 serving Jasmin Rice Pilaf - 420 Calories

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