02 September, 2016

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Our Family has grown by four precious little feet, that's right...we've adopted a puppy!!! We couldn't be happier, well...everyone but the cat that is. o_O I searched for a local no-kill shelter & found one online and read up on them, esp checking the reviews and their website. We wanted a puppy who would be our 6 yr old daughter's ESA/Future Service dog.We found a pup a week earlier, but we didn't have the money and she was adopted before we could get her, and then on Tuesday(which is a day they are closed) we saw another pup who was listed as a 2 months old, female, Retriever/Lab mix and adorable as ever, so on Wednesday we went to a local shelter thinking we were getting a female pup, but when we went to the meeting room to get to know him and talk with the volunteer we saw that it was clearly a boy.

We couldn't help but love all 5.30lbs of him, esp when he hopped into my lap and started giving kisses, then he jumped in everyone else's lap. He is 9 weeks and 5 days old and we are 100% in love with this little boy and it's only been 2.5 days! I can't even comprehend how amazing the rest of our(and his days will be)! They changed what they said he is and are now saying he's a Chihuahua/Terrier mix.

My Husband did a google search on Chihuahua/German Shephard mix, and Cashew looks just like the picture(s) we saw. he looks just like the pics, so, for now, that's what we are saying he is. We will be getting a dog DNA test done to know for sure.

Below you will see a few photos from our first few days with Cashew. We hope you enjoy and will be updating every month on how he is doing with our family!

(any and all photos on this blog post are the property of the Carney family. They are NOT to be saved/printed, etc)

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