10 October, 2016

Newest creations made!

Aside from blogging, I crochet in my free time! I was contacted awhile back and commissioned to make a pilot doll for someone. This doll was both so much fun and so easy to make! I freehanded the tie & hat...which was a bit of a challenge, but I welcome all challenges! <3 After the doll was made, the same customer asked if I could make a SPARKLY black hat w/ cat ears & a gray headband w/ a pink bow. Of course, I said "yes"!!

The doll is 12-15 inches tall(including the hat), & has custom made eyes!

Next is the black SPARKLY hat w/ cat ears. This was such a fun hat to make, esp. when I put the cat ears on the hat. I had my 6 yr old put the hat on while I took a picture. For safety purposes, I only show her eyes in the picture. 

Last up is the gray headband/ear warmer w/ pink bow. This item was also so much fun to make! I didn't use a pattern for any part of the headband. I just made it to the measurement I was given. The bow looks totally adorable worn to the side. 

If you would like a custom doll, or either of the other two items..I would gladly make them for you! Just send me a message by going to my Facebook page!

I have more new items to show you soon! Can't wait to share them all with you! <3


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