03 October, 2016

((Product Review)) KidsGold - 14K Gold Earrings For Kids

I recently had the chance to review these earrings for  KidsGold - 14K for kids. I have three girls, but only my middle daughter has her ears pierced. When my oldest was born, I was still young and while I wanted her to have earrings...the thought of piercing her ears made me cry. Shoot, I'd even cry when she had to get her shots as an infant. 

By the time my middle daughter was born, I was set on her having her ears pierced..because honestly, I didn't know if we would have anymore children after her. So, at 3 months old we had her ears pierced. She cried for a few mins and when was all smiles & she looked(and still looks) adorable with earrings. 

The only place we have ever bought her earrings from was Claire's. Did she NEED another pair of earrings? No...she has close to 50 pairs(if not more). Some she hasn't even worn yet, but I couldn't pass the chance up to get her a pair of 14K birthstone earrings...for FREE. 

They arrived the other day, and I had planned on giving them to her for a bday present...but decided to give them to her early. Her birthday is in November & her birthstone is Topaz(some say Citrine). When I opened the box they were packaged in their own little gift box and even had a gift bag to go with them. They are gorgeous and she loves them. They are the perfect size for little ears.

If you are looking for a great birthday/Christmas gift for a young girl in your life, I  highly recommend Kids Gold earrings from 14k for Kids. I plan on ordering her more soon! She absolutely loves her new earrings.

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I received the above listed product free from 14KforKids & U.S. Family Guide in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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