26 November, 2016

We went back for more! (+ discount code for special offer inside)

Last weekend my family and I went to Medieval Times(for the first time) & had a great time. So much so that we went back tonight for the second time. I promise you it's worth every penny you pay! Medieval Times is currently offering a special discount until 2/28/2017! The current special is; Adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the code MT3629. Click HERE to be taken to the link to receive the discount.

Once thing I believe I forgot to mention last week is that they do a "knighting" ceremony. This is where you sign up for a birthday package and can have the "King" announce the birthday person(doesn't have to be a child) as a "Knight" or "Princess" they do this 2x's for each show & if you pay, they will also announce their bday during the show as well.

We were given early access because we had (my husband's) granny with us & we "rented" one of their wheelchairs(free to use, but it is first come, first serve & they hold your ID until you return the wheelchair). I absolutely love that they do this. If they didn't, granny wouldn't have been able to enjoy the show with us & we wouldn't have been able to make more memories with her.

I honestly can't even tell you our servers name last week, but she was good. However, our server(Joseph)tonight was awesome! Arianna would say something crazy & without skipping a beat he would have some comeback that had us laughing. Joseph was even kind enough to take a picture with Arianna for me to use on the blog. Of course, it did come out a little blurry(I was shaky from not feeling well). Yes, my teen is wearing her crown upside down AND backward....*sigh* she was also cheering for one of the other teams(*cough* green *cough*). What can I say...she IS my daughter after all & I probably would have done the same thing if we had not been cheering for the Black & White knight.

Once again, the food was delish. I didn't eat much because I am still not feeling well...and after tonight I'm sure my throat will hurt even more than it did before(it was worth it). Tomato soup, Garlic bread,corn on the cob, roasted chicken, lemon pound cake & coffee. For drinks, they have water, Pepsi, & unsweetened tea.

I didn't take as many photos as I did last week because I actually wanted to watch the show itself and not through my iPad screen. I took a few before the show of granny & Arianna with some of the members of the cast. I hope I didn't bore you too much with all of the words.  If you have made it this far, please continue to read so that you can see the photos from tonight. 

Have you ever been to Medieval Times(either here in Texas or one of their other locations)? Comment below & let me know!

(Arianna & are awesome server Joseph)

(Arianna, Granny, Falconer & Falcon)

(Arianna, Granny, & the King)

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