06 December, 2016

How to make a Stork Bundle

While going through my old notes, I found this little gem from 2009. Please excuse the pictures, I had a horrible camera & didn't know how to take proper photos. I will be making a new one soon and will have better photos.
Have you ever made a stork bundle? 
Items needed:
15 size one diapers(i use pampers swaddlers, or luvs)
1 36x36 fleece blanket(they are about $6 each)
1 9 oz bottle($1-$2)
1 pacifier($1)
3 baby washcloths(about $5 for a pack of six)
1 Bib($1)
1 Brush & comb set($1)
(see below)
You also will need those small black or clear rubber bands to keep the diapers
rolled, and you will need like the curling ribbon, you can get it at walmart or a craft

I add the bottle & washcloths in the middle of all those diapers
take the blanket & lay it out flat

then take one end of the blanket(longways) fold it to about the middle of the blanket

then take the other end and bring it to the end of the blanket, then fold that in half,
set that aside
To keep them rolled I usually use some of those small black or clear rubber bands
you can get them at the dollar tree or walmart for pretty cheap.

Rolls the diapers...

after you roll the diapers place five in the center of the folded blanket, then place four on top of those, then three then two, then finally the one.

It should look like this when you are finished placing the diapers.

You should probably have someone to help you with this next
part, I usually get my 5 yr old to help me(she LOVES helping).

you bring both sides of the blanket up over the
diapers, and tie it off with some ribbon to match the color/theme
(it will look much neater after it's tied)

When you are done tying it together, it should look like this.

Now comes my FAV part!!! :-D Heres where you place the goodies in the bundle!!

I add the bottle & washcloths in the middle of all those diapers

then tie the pacifier on around where I tied the bundle together
(sorry the picture looks to bad, I took it with my web cam instead
of my digi cam)

then place the bib & brush & comb set, or whatever you decide to buy to
put in the bundle. Here is the finished bundle!

Hope this helps! If anyone has any questions, please let me know and I will help as much as I can!

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