05 December, 2016

First Impressions on P.F. Chang's | Arlington, Tx

December started off as a busy month for our family! We celebrated two birthdays and we aren't even done with the first week yet! Both my husband(older) and brother in law(younger) were born (5 years and 364) days apart. When asked where they wanted to go for their birthday, it was decided that we would be going to P.F. Chang's!

I've had their store bought meals before and thought they were pretty good, & though we've driven by the location many times before, I had never been to their restaurant to enjoy a meal.

We loaded up the pathfinder(all 7 of us) and drove to the P.F. Chang's location in Arlington, Texas(in the Highland's shopping center). The parking lot was PACKED. My husband dropped everyone off at the door and found a spot & joined us inside shortly after.

Thankfully I had called to make a reservation because it was jam packed. After I went up to the desk and gave the name & party number, I was told to wait while they put the table together. We waited maybe 5-10 mins and we were called and then seated at our table. 

We were given our menus and our server came over to take our drink order while we decided what we wanted to eat. We ordered the crab wontons, chicken eggrolls for the starters(those went so quick that I didn't have time for a photo!). My husband and I each ordered the sweet & sour chicken, while my brother in law and granny ordered Mongolian beef. 

(Sweet & Sour Chicken)

(Mongolian Beef)

We did have a meltdown while ordering, one of my girls is seriously picky and was not open to even trying any of the things we suggested. So, she did what she does best and started crying and pouting. Our server was amazing. She got down on my daughter's level and talked her through it. She asked her what she liked and didn't like and from there suggested something for her to eat, which naturally, she did! I was amazed at how well it was handled.

My oldest & two younger girls just ordered chicken with sweet & sour sauce on the side, but again...I couldn't get a picture of their dishes, because well...the younger girls ate their chicken as soon as they got it and my oldest HATES when I take food pictures. 

For dessert, my brother in law & I each ordered the cheesecake which comes with strawberries & strawberry sauce(I shared mine with the two younger girls), my husband & his granny ordered the banana spring rolls which came with vanilla ice cream & my oldest ordered the Vietnamese lava cake which comes with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, & blueberries. 

( New-York Style Cheesecake)

All in all, I'd say we had a pretty success night. Great food with family celebrating birthdays. I won't say it's a budget friendly place to eat....as our bill was pretty pricey, but it was worth it to splurge to celebrate. No more birthdays until April...hmm...that gives me plenty of time to decide on where I want to go. 

Have you ever ate at P.F. Chang's? did you like it? What did you order?

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