07 December, 2016

How To Keep Your Kids Safe With OurPact Parental Control App

Do you have a pre-teen or teen who has their own cell phone. Perhaps your pre-teen or teen has been asking for a phone of their own, but you worry about their safety. Well, I'm here to share this app I've been using for over a year now & I love it! It's called "OurPact". Have you ever heard of it before?

My husband and I decided to give my oldest daughter her own cell phone when she was almost 12(she is now 13) because we wanted to be able to call her while she is out of state, as well as her to text and call her friends in different parts of the U.S & our family back home in Louisiana. I made a post about giving her a cell phone.

Before we even went to the AT&T store to get my daughters phone, I had been researching Parental Control apps. OurPact was the one that I decided to go with. It was free at the time I signed up for it. I'm not sure if it's still free or if they have started charging new members a small monthly fee.

OurPact is super easy to set up! Once you have it downloaded on the parent's phone, you follow the prompts and go to a webpage on the child's phone & enter the following info;

  • Your email & password, 
  • Put in your child's name(or nickname), 
  • Select "Pair",
  • Select "install"(enter a 4-digit 20 entry code, if prompted),
  • Select "install" & "trust"
  • Select "done" & enjoy management!

Once everything is installed on the device(s) you are wanting to be able to remotely control from your phone/ipad/computer you can choose to set a schedule(or schedules), grant access, or block access.

To set a schedule, click on "Schedule" & then enter the name of the schedule that you want(ie: bedtime, school, chores etc) click on the time you want the blocking to start & end, then you click on the day(s) you want that certain schedule to be active. For the example photo above(first photo in the three(3) photo collage) I set the blocking time to start at 9:30 pm and end at 8:20 am on Sunday-Thursday & it will reoccur weekly(as long as that option is ticked).

When you want to "Grant", you click that option & a small popup window will appear and ask you how long you want to grant access for. It starts at "Until I say so" and goes all the way until "midnight". This option is good for when you want to grant access for a short amount of time, such as after the child does school work, or after chores are completed. I usually grant 15 mins after lunch, & for each chore my daughter completes without being reminded to do so...but no longer than 30 mins at a time.

To block access for a certain amount of time(choices are the same as when you "grant"), click "block" and then however long you want you block access for. Your child will not have access to ANYTHING other than text messages & the option to use the phone to call someone. The apps, photos, camera, internet browser will all be gone until you "grant" access again.

That's about it as far as info on OurPact! If you ever want to logout for whatever reason, you simply click the little "power" button in the upper right hand corner and click "logout"

Have you ever heard of OurPact? Do you use it? If not, do you have another parental control app that works better than OurPact? Leave a comment below letting me know! I would love to hear from you.

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