01 January, 2017

Let's Cuddle So I Can Steal....| LOVE My New Canvas

This post is sponsored by U.S. Family Guide & canvasonsale.com I am not paid for this post, but I did receive a FREE 8x12 canvas print in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Metal print I received from another company & my canvas I received from canvasonsale.com

I have recently become obsessed with canvas prints. Maybe it's because we will be purchasing our first home soon & I NEED pretty things to hang on the wall. I was recently sent an email promo for the "FREE Canvas For America Campaign". 

Front view of my awesome new canvas.

Naturally, I signed up ASAP. An email was sent stating that we(the bloggers) would have to pay for shipping. No biggie, others were VERY angry. After I received the email with my code in it, I spent about 2 hrs trying to find the perfect quote I wanted to use for the canvas, since I knew exactly where I wanted to place it in our new home

I ordered my canvas on 12, Dec. on 17, Dec I received an email saying it was "en route". I figured that it probably wouldn't get here before the Holidays, and that was fine because it was for myself and not to be a gift for anyone else. 

I ordered an 8x12 stretched canvas with 1.5 inch thick wood frame. I also opted to have the black easel back, as well the hanger set for the canvas. 

I was SO excited when the canvas arrived on 22, Dec. I ran straight into my bedroom and opened it up and the excitement turned into anger(make sure you read all the way to the end of the post). 
Side view showing the 1.5 inch wood frame.

I know you are probably asking "Why?", and now I will explain. I was shipped not one but two photo canvases that were of a bride & groom(I don't know these people). These photos were gorgeous and I'm sure the person they were intended to go to would have loved them.

I tried called their customer support number and would get to the automated voice recording telling me that all of their customer service agents were busy, it did this 3 times and then would hang up. I stayed on the phone trying to connect with a real human for over 30 mins with no luck...

Stay with me here...this is where it gets good! I decided to reach out to them on facebook, can't hurt right?

I tell them who I am & that I am doing a review for U.S. Family Guide & then express why I am so upset. The next day I received a reply with first a very sincere apology for the mixup, and then I was given instructions to look on the back of the canvas for a certain number that started with the letter "D", & sure enough...both did, so I snapped a quick picture of the back of both canvases and sent them to whoever I was speaking with.

Back view showing the black easel back

They then asked for my order #, which I gave them. They again apologized and said that the issue would be resolved and was told to destroy the canvases I was sent by mistake so a 3rd party couldn't get ahold of them. After telling them that I would do just that, I said "Thank You for your help" and we went our separate ways.

on 27, Dec. I received another email saying my canvas was en route. It was shipped UPS Next Day Air & arrived(which was AWESOME of them and NOT cheap for them to do) while I was out of town, but a family member was able to get it for me and place it on my sofa until I returned home.

the hanger set for the canvas. 

We arrived home from our long drive at 1 am on 31, Dec(this morning) & as soon as got our girls put to bed, I opened up my package and I have to say this...it was VERY well wrapped in a TON of bubble wrap.

Their Canvas prints are VERY sturdy, and I am 100% in love with my print & it was SO worth the wait.

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