16 January, 2017

Moving from Broken to Beautiful through Forgiveness

I received a copy of this book free to review. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.

*About the Book*
Since we don’t have alligator skin and a heart of stone, people will hurt us especially those closest to us. We also make mistakes in life and hurt others. Yvonne uses personal anecdotes and the timeless truths of God to help women trade shame and guilt for God’s grace to forgive themselves, to overcome anger and bitterness and with God’s power forgive others, to break free from the prison of the past, and gain the peace and freedom of forgiveness. With forgiveness comes living life to the fullest. This is book three in the series, Moving from Broken to Beautiful®.

*My Review*
This was my first time reading anything by Yvonne Ortega, but I was very pleased with this book. "Moving from Broken to Beautiful through Forgiveness" is simple yet powerful at the same time. 

The thought of forgiving someone who has severely hurt us is never easy and many time we are left feeling guilty because of our lack of wanting to forgive.
Ortega gives us the answers to the truth behind forgiveness, while skillfully using Scripture to reinforce her points. She explains what forgiveness really means, & most importantly outlines what forgiveness is not.

This is a really short read & is one of the most direct and powerful explanations I have every read about a hard topic, especially for Christians who are struggling with forgiveness.
Ortega uses her own personal story of abuse, & goes on to talk about the emotional difficulty that forgiveness can bring to those of us who feel that forgiveness is allowing people to get away with their wrongdoing. 

As a Christian, I myself have had difficulty forgiving even though I understand what the Bible says about forgiveness, but thanks to this book I am working on it daily.

This book has exercises to make you think and to help you with the process of forgiveness & gain the peace of mind we all deserve. 

This is an amazing book, and I encourage everyone to read "Moving From Broken to Beautiful Through Forgiveness".

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