19 April, 2017

Why I "Fired" Our Last Realtor & Found A New One

We have been trying to purchase our first home since we moved back to Texas in 2013. For different reasons, it never worked out, but I've always assumed it was just God saying it wasn't our time and that He knows the perfect house for us and we will get it...in HIS timing, not ours.

Because we've been going through this for nearly 5 years, we've had a few different realtors...some were great, others....not so great.

Recently I contacted a realtor on zillow to ask about a certain house that was for rent, but we ended up talking on the phone for quite a bit the first few times & we loved her. I did tell her that if I didn't hang up on her within the first few mins of talking, then I liked her and thought we could work well together. We met with her right away to go over what we were looking for in a house(big kitchen, master down etc).

Things were great for a few weeks, but then I felt as if she was trying to push us into homes that didn't meet our "wants", or they were houses that were our way out of our price range or too old.
I finally reached my breaking point with this realtor & sent her an email politely saying that we felt as if we were being pushed to purchase a home at that moment and we knew we weren't ready just yet, and that we were being shown homes that we didn't like and that didn't match our search criteria/out of our price range. At the end of the email, I said "It is with a heavy heart that I say this, but we no longer need your services. Thank you for the help you did give, I'm sorry it didn't work."

I received THREE emails from her & they were NOT nice & confirmed that my decision to find someone else was for the best. I did complain to the company she works with & received a call from one of the higher-ups of the company apologizing and saying that if we still wanted to use their company they would be more than happy to get us another realtor.

Of course, I said "yes", & asked if they had someone who was a Veteran, and the person told me that the guy they had in mind is a police officer. He called me the same day & we had a nice chat and met a few days later. My husband and I both like the new realtor! He has been so helpful and isn't making us feeling pressured one bit.

SO, I say all of the above to say this...IF you find yourself in a situation like ours, do not feel bad about "firing" your realtor and finding someone else.

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