26 June, 2017

{{Crafts}} | DIY Bathroom Tower Decor

Crafty | DIY Bathroom Tower Decor

We recently moved into a new apartment. I absolutely LOVE our new master bathroom. It's gorgeous (will post pics soon of the whole bathroom).

I saw something on Pinterest (duh...where else would you get ideas for things), and I fell in love with the idea & decided to post a DIY of how I made our little tower.

When I went into one of our local dollar tree stores, I went straight for the items that I needed. Now, I will share with you! You will find the photos above the directions for each step. :-) 


Happy Crafting! 


Materials needed:

1- Large plate, 
1- 1 Smaller plate,
1- Bowl,
2- Candle Holders (I used the "oil warmer" ones).
1- Tube of superglue 

Materials needed.

Once you have the above items (or like items) take the tags/stickers off of the candle holders/oil warmers, & the plates & bowl. Take the large plate & place it on your work surface (mine was my bathroom floor. lol), & one (1) candle holder/oil warmer. 

Large plate & first candle holder/oil warmer.
Place the candle holder in the center of the plate where you want to superglue it in place (use a well vented room/area). Let dry for 10-15 mins (may need more time depending on how much glue you have used).

Now that the first candle holder/oil warmer has time to set, put glue around the top of the candle holder/oil warmer & place the smaller plate/bowl (depending on what design you are going for) making sure to place it in the center.

Glue smaller plate on top.
view of the underneath

Let the smaller plate set on top of the candle holder/oil warmer for 10-15 mins (or until dry) & then place 2nd candle holder/oil warmer in the center of the smaller plate & glue into place. Let dry.
Place bowl on the top of 2nd candle holder/oil warmer.

Almost done!!! Are you still with me here? Put some glue on the top of the 2nd candle holder/oil warmer and then place the bowl on top & let dry. I really liked using this oil warmer because the bowl fits perfectly onto it. 


Placed on my counter with pretties.

That my friends is it! How simple was that?! It would have only been $5 + tax, but I didn't have any super glue, so I had to pick some up while I was there. I actually plan on making a 2nd one for our girls/guest bathroom. 

There are SO many more things I plan on making soon, so stay tuned!

Have you ever made a tower decoration like this? Share pictures below.

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