10 July, 2017

How my cube saved my life...

Anyone who (REALLY) knows me knows that I'm from a little town(village) in SW Louisiana. I think the last time I heard there were 800-1000 people (I'd sure like to know where they hide them all at).

They don't even have a red light & you have to get your mail delivered to the post office, anyway...you get the point...it's small.

I've always been a nervous driver, especially in heavy traffic. I learned to drive when I was 12, in an old '53 GMC Chevy truck on back roads, but *legally* I've been driving since I was 20.

I moved from my small town to a military town on the east coast, drove a little...but was still scared. When I got married, we lived in Texas for 6 months while my husband was in tech school. I never drove bc of the traffic. I'd either stay at our apartment and see him whenever he was allowed to leave the base or *shudders* I'd ride the bus to the base to see him.

After tech school, we moved back to the east coast to another military town. I was comfortable driving there...mostly. I'd usually stay on base, so I knew my way around there pretty well.

My husband retired from the military 4 yrs ago & we moved to the D/FW AREA & in the 4 yrs we've been here I had never driven 5 miles past my house because...1) Texas drivers are crazy, & 2) my anxiety was through the roof. 

Well, We recently purchased a 2017 Pathfinder. For whatever reason, we had to go back to the dealership to re-sign the contract. On the 3rd time, we had to go in and sign the paperwork, my husband mentioned to me that he wanted to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for me...so I started looking. First I saw a pre-owned Pathfinder, then a Murano...and then...a Metallic Blue Nissan Cube. I immediately walked over to the cube and fell in love. when our sales agent came back out to see us, I jokingly said "I want it", to which he said, "Okay, let's go run numbers".

After we talked with our sales guy, we were taken over to finance and sure enough...I was able to purchase my Cube for $0 down and take it home the same night. 

Now, at first I was nervous to drive because of traffic, but the next afternoon I wanted to take my 7yr old to Toys-R-Us to get something, but my husband was at work...so I called him and let him know that I was going to drive there. He suggested that I wait until rush hour was over, but I went during rush hour and it felt amazing to drive. 

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous about driving in traffic. I've gone to Dr's appointments and other places on my own in my cube.

I even drove home to SW, La on with my 13 & 7 yr old to see my older sister & my dad, then to Hattiesburg, Ms all without my husband in front of me leading the way.

It may seem like something small to be proud of, but to me it's huge. Check out,my new baby! I love this car so much.

Our sales agent called a few weeks after we purchased the cube, and we started talking and I found out the story behind the cube & while it was for sale. 

It was owned by a lady who has/had cancer & it was only driven to and from her treatments...which is why it had such low mileage. It may seem silly, but I have felt a really strong connection to this car & to now know the story behind it I understand why.

Have you ever had a vehicle that you have felt this way about? Tell me the story!

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