16 July, 2017

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch | Pilot Point, Texas

This post is sponsored by U.S. Family Guide & Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. I am not paid for this post, but I did receive free passes for myself and my family in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

My husband and I went to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas. I emailed them last week to schedule our visit for today. 

It's located about an hr from our house, so we had to leave early so that we could get there before the rush of visitors showed up.

Parking is $5, but because I was doing a review...we didn't have to pay for parking. We also received a ride on the safari tram ride, barrel train ride, all the animal exhibits, and presentations. The only thing we actually had to pay for was feed for the animals. They are $3/bag or $10/4 bags.

We only stayed for the Safari Tram ride because it was so hot & the girls were getting tired. 

Before the tram ride, we got to feed and pet a few animals...including a miniature horse named "Cowgirl", a sweet old lady donkey named Greta (she likes to lean into you & give hugs), a 1 yr old camel named Emma.

The staff there are super friendly & very knowledgable about the animals & will answer any questions you may have. 

We will definitely be back when it cools off. I honestly love this place more than the zoo....because you get to be up close and personal with camels and other animals that you wouldn't be able to see like this at a zoo! 

Below you will find a few of my favorite photos from today.


1-week old baby Zebra making sure to stay close to mama.

Pot belly pig

Bob Cat! (native to Texas)

Spitting Camel

Zedonk (Zebra/Donkey)!

Zorse (Zebra/horse)!
Greta (the old lady donkey). She loves to lean on you and give hugs! 

Emma the 1yr old Camel

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