05 September, 2017

I am back!

I have been quiet lately, not because I didn't have anything to post...but because things have been crazy here. we've all had our rounds of strep, and I'm still getting over my second round of strep, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinus infection & double middle ear infection.

I have seen my fill of drs in the last week and a half to last me the rest of the year! I still plan on officially launching my new business, but between being sick and having crochet orders I haven't had much time.

My girls will be starting school next week (books finally came in)! Wish me luck! I officially have a 9th grade, 2nd grader & 1st grader.

I hope that things are well in your part of the world! If you have children, have they started school yet? what grade(s) are they in?

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