06 December, 2017

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Ft. Worth Texas | Ridgemar Mall

*Disclaimer* I received free admission for myself and my family in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I recently signed up to visit SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. I had NO idea it was in the Ridgemar Mall in Ft. Worth. I'm not sure where I thought it was, but I didn't think it would be there. lol

Anyway, We drove over to the mall and we were greeted right away by employees. I told the guy who I was, and he let us back. We did pay $10 + tax for 4 tokens so we could feed the animals.

After that was taken care of, we started on our way through the aquarium. The first thing we saw were caiman alligators. Being from SW Louisiana, Alligators hold a special place in my heart...no matter WHERE they are from. I used to hold "baby" gators, about the size in this picture all the time when I lived at home in Louisiana.


We made our way to the other exhibits after I got over being excited about the alligators. We saw Iguanas, Capybaras, & Parakeets. There was an employee by the Capabra pin. I was only joking when I said I wanted to go and play with them...but they let me! Another lady went in with me, told me the rules and where to sit. There are three brothers. Alvin, Simon, & Theodore. They are 2 months old and absolutely ADORABLE!!

I learned so much about these babies. They are extremely curious. They saw the lady come in and thought she had their bottles (They are weening them off of the bottle). She's like their momma to them. They were climbing all over her, it was too cute. I got to pet all three of them.

There were so many awesome creatures, from fish to snakes & lizards, to my favorites....the rays! As an aspiring Marine Biology student, naturally the rays and sharks (and other fish) were my favorites. I used one of my tokens to feed the rays, I even touched the raw fish to feed them! I loved every min of it. My heart is happiest when I'm around Marine animals & the ocean.

Below are more photos. I have more, but those are on my personal FB page.

After we got home, I decided to call and see about applying to work in the marine part of the aquarium...and after talking with the lady for a few mins and telling her about wanting to become a Marine Biologist, she asked if I'd be interested in interviewing to become a volunteer intern! Naturally I said "YES!!" I meet with her very soon to go over everything and talk more about it. Doors are opening up and I cannot be more thankful. 

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