16 July, 2018

Life Update

For the past 6 years, we have lived in Grand Praire, Texas. While it was nice living right across the highway from Whataburger & Sonic & less than a mile from DQ, Chicken express, and many other fast food places...we always lived along a VERY busy highway.

We have relocated to NW Fort Worth. While there is a highway nearby, we aren't RIGHT by it & there are tons of restaurants & shopping (Esp hobby lobby)! While there aren't any rice & crawfish ponds like growing up back home, it does have a "country life" feel.

While we were in the process of moving, we had the move (duh), my oldest daughter's Talent show from GPGT, & we had to travel to Ms all in a span of three days. Can you say EXHAUSTED?!?

Now that we are settled, we have decided to host an Exchange Student this year! We are all so excited for our student to arrive so we can show them our American culture and show them around Texas.

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