13 August, 2018

Water Works Denton, Tx 2018

*Disclaimer* This post is sponsored by U.S. Family Guide & WaterWorks water park in Denton, Texas. I was not paid for this post but did receive free passes in exchange for my review*

On Tuesday, 31, July, we went to Water Works in Denton, Texas. We’ve gone to waterworks every year since we’ve moved back to Texas in 2013, but this year was the most fun we’ve had yet.

In addition to the free passes, we were given a free cabana rental & a bucket of ice, & 4 bottles of water. We rented a locker for our important stuff like wallets & phones for just $3. 

I wasn't able to get pictures/videos because I had forgotten my go-pro at home & my phone was in the locker until we were ready to leave.

There is a new wave pool that has opened up there. I didn’t go in because of my littles....but my husband did and he loved it. 

I had a blue raspberry snow cone & fried pickles and both were amazing (weird combo...I know). My husband and girls shared a huge plate of nachos. For being a waterpark, their prices honestly aren't that bad & the food was good.

My favorite part of the water park is the lazy river. It’s just so relaxing. Of course, my younger girls loved everything there but loved the kiddie area. My husband loved the wave pool and the lazy river.

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