22 October, 2018

Creepy Crawler Repellent -Simply Earth Essential Oils

Hi my lovelies! Happy Monday!! I’m SO sorry for not having these simply earth posts up each week. Life has been a little crazy around here. But...I’m back now & have this awesome creepy crawler repellent that you can make with Simply Earth essential oils!

Ready to learn how to make this repellent?! Keep reading!!

Items needed:

-Cinnamon Simply Earth essential oil
-Cotton balls (I didn’t have cotton balls, so I used some of my fiber filling)
-A little sachet pouch
-Toy spider (optional)

First, you put ten (10) drops of the cinnamon essential oil onto your cotton balls (of fiber filling).

Next, you put the cotton balls (or whatever you use) into the pouch.

Lastly, put cotton balls (or stuffing) into the bag & close the bag and then place it where creepy critters like to hang out. If you want, you can even glue a toy spider to the pouch to have it double as a Halloween decoration!

Use my code CRYSTALCFREE and receive a $20 gift card with your first box and bonus box!


*PLEASE know that if you have pets, some essential oils can be very harmful and even possibly fatal to them. It's even harmful for them to breathe in the fumes from the oils. Make sure you research and don't use the harmful essential oils around your fur babies!*

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